How to Save Earth with LOTTE HOTEL
LOTTE HOTEL has set out to achieve carbon neutrality. Representing the hotel industry, LOTTE HOTEL signed an agreement with the environment ministry on promoting practices to reach carbon neutrality, and become an active player in the campaign on reducing carbon footprint.
Two of the most frequently-used terms on the environment in the 21st century are carbon neutrality and greenhouse gas. It has been well established that emissions of greenhouse gases will lead to global warming, which in turn causes climate change and damage to the environment. There are numerous reasons why greenhouse gas emissions have been increasing in our daily lives, be it vehicle exhaust emissions, fossil fuel use, growing meat consumption, and wider use of airplanes and vessels, among other larger means of transportation.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas While Traveling
Traveling is one of the biggest joys of life, but it is one of the causes behind the rise in greenhouse gas emission. We use fossil fuels for our modes of transportation and a ton of disposable containers at our hotels. Although we could use bedding and towels more than once, we sometimes choose to have them replaced daily. Traveling somewhere means producing rather significant amounts of greenhouse gas emission.
LOTTE HOTEL, which boasts more branches than any other Korean hotel brand, recognized the gravity of the situation. Representing the entire industry, LOTTE HOTEL signed an agreement with the environment ministry on promoting practices to achieve carbon neutrality. LOTTE HOTEL is taking an active part in reducing carbon footprint. The deal is designed to build a consensus on actions we can take to reduce carbon emissions and to help accomplish carbon neutrality by 2050.
For its ESG management vision, LOTTE HOTEL settled on Green Hospitality for a Sustainable Living,’ and also unveiled its E Slogan and E Core Value. With its guidelines on reaching carbon neutrality, LOTTE HOTEL has set out to do the little things with its customers.

Green Stay
The E Slogan for LOTTE HOTEL is ‘Stay Green, Create Meaningful Experience.’ To stay at LOTTE HOTEL is to help preserve the environment in a meaningful way. With its Core Value of ‘Green Stay without a Single Use,’ LOTTE HOTEL’s commitment to reduction of carbon footprint is clearly reflected in its management and operations. For instance, LOTTE HOTEL has decided to minimize the use of disposable amenities, which is considered the most problematic for hotels. At L7 Hotel and LOTTE City Hotel branches, disposable amenities have been replaced with multi-use dispensers offering large quantities, as they look to reduce plastic waste. And in a first for a Korean hotel, three brands (LOTTE HOTEL, L7 and LOTTE City Hotel) have begun serving water bottles without plastic labels. These bottles are easier to recycle, which should increase their recycling rate.
LOTTE HOTEL has also proposed ways in which its guests can participate in a drive toward carbon neutrality. Based on 81 practices as set up by the environment ministry, LOTTE HOTEL came up with three primary objectives: ‘Without Carbon Emissions,’ ‘Without a Single Use’ and ‘Without Energy Waste.’
The ‘Re:think’ campaign, with a focus on reducing disposable goods and adopting eco-friendly systems, is also underway. It includes asking guests to refrain from changing sheets daily, promoting reuse of towels and minimizing unnecessary housekeeping. These practical steps can help reduce carbon emissions.

■ Without Carbon Emissions
- By using public transit or driving electric cars, you can reduce 523,240kg of carbon and plant 79,279 pine trees per year. ★★★
- Say no to paper! With app brochure, you can reduce 4,037kg of carbon and plant 612 pine trees per year. ★★

■ Without a Single Use
- By limiting the use of plastic water bottles, you can reduce 1,814kg of carbon and plant 275 pine trees per year. ★★
- With simpler gift wrapping, you can reduce 180kg of carbon and plant 27 pine trees per year. ★

■ Without Energy Waste
- By limiting linen changes with Re:think service, you can reduce 336,914kg of carbon and plant 51,048 pine trees per year. ★★★
- The reuse of towels can help you reduce 80,655kg of carbon and plant 12,220 pine trees per year.. ★★★
- If you don’t need housekeeping, please use ‘Do Not Disturb’ card. That will reduce 1,364kg of carbon and plant 207 pine trees per year. ★★
- If you take quicker showers, you can help reduce 96kg of carbon and plant 15 pine trees per year. ★

This eco-friendly campaign should help reduce costs, which will then be invested into improving customer services and social contribution activities. This is why LOTTE HOTEL’s green stay, with guests taking up an active role, is so welcoming. It’s time to save our planet Earth together!
December 2021 Editor:Jung Jaewook

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