‘VL,’ LOTTE HOTEL’s Answer for Seniors
LOTTE HOTEL has launched the premier senior residence brand, VL. It is the first high-end residential brand for seniors by a Korean hotel chain, and will offer the type of high-quality services available at LOTTE HOTEL.
Rise of Active Seniors
The market for seniors is expanding. A Japanese automaker has released a vehicle specifically targeting senior drivers. One beauty brand is putting out anti-aging cosmetic products just for older consumers. Some supermarkets in Japan have started opening early to cater to seniors’ lifestyles. One supermarket chain in Japan widened aisles and placed magnifying glass on the shelves at its shops. Corporations around the world have been quick to respond to the new trend and trying to create an environment friendly to the elderly population.
Those aged between 50 and 74 account for more than 30 percent of our population, and people in that age bracket who remain engaged in social and economic activities are referred to as active seniors. With time and money on their hand, active seniors are also active consumers, spending even more on investments and leisure activities than younger folks. They are future-oriented and mindful of trends, and they are open-minded to new products and developments. Businesses are trying to come up with ways that can make active seniors’ lives more comfortable and fulfilling.

VL, Premium Senior Residence
Keeping up with this trend, LOTTE HOTEL has launched the premium senior residence brand, ‘VL (Vitality & Liberty). This is the first residence brand targeting the elderly population by a Korean hotel chain, bringing tailor-made lifestyle services to their residential area. LOTTE HOTEL will bring its considerable know-how in hospitality services and lead the way in building a new senior lifestyle.
VL will offer ‘age-friendly’ services that cater to active seniors’ needs. This will include a wide range of high-quality hotel services. The 24-hour concierge service, twice-a-week housekeeping, and rent-a-car service with a chauffeur will help make residents’ life more convenient. The brand is founded upon the principle of ‘guaranteeing convenient and comfortable life while also promising days filled with energy and vitality,’ and these services are part of efforts to ensure optimal living conditions.
Health care services are also available for seniors, with extra attention being paid to health during the COVID-19 pandemic. VL will provide personalized health care services, in conjunction with major medical institutions nearby, and hotel chefs will help set up healthy meal plans for VL residents.

Having residents interact with one another is also important. Inside the complex, a library, a sauna and a GX room, among other community facilities, will be set up, so that residents can spend their downtime. Humanities lectures and art and exercise classes will be offered, too. A premium yacht tour run by LOTTE JTB and other programs from LOTTE GROUP affiliates will be available. They will allow residents to build meaningful connections with each other and to enjoy some fun activities together.
The residential complex will also adopt a ‘pet-friendly’ policy, the first of its kind for a senior residence in Korea. Those who may once have had reservations about moving into a residence because of their pets won’t have to worry about that anymore.

VL’s first residence, VL Osiria, will open in Gijang-gun, Busan. It is Korea’s largest senior residential complex, built by Sun City inside the Osiria Tourist Complex in Gijang. It will feature 574 residential units, with LOTTE HOTEL offering consultation on operation, as well as a health care house, an Oriental medicine clinic and a general medical center. LOTTE HOTEL will apply its know-how in services, accumulated over decades in the leisure industry, to VL, and turn the senior residence into a powerful growth engine in the age-friendly world.
July 2022 Editor:Oh Sunhwa

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