Spokane River, symbol of Spokane

Spokane Offers Urban and Natural Charm
Let’s head to Spokane, an eco-friendly city located in the State of Washington where the Centennial Trail beckons you with amazing scenery along the Spokane River and the burgeoning wine district downtown welcomes you with local wine tasting experiences.

Riverfront Park and its surrounding areas are famous for their gorgeous autumn landscape.

Activities in Downtown and Recuperation in Nature
Spokane is the second most populous city in Washington after Seattle. Its name has a grand meaning of ‘Children of the Sun’ in the local native language. Historically, Spokane started emerging as the regional center in eastern Washington in 1883 when the Northern Pacific Railroad began operation. As a new economic and cultural center in the region, Spokane held the World's Fair in 1974 under the theme of ‘Only one Earth,’ the first international exposition that placed a focus on the environment. Spokane then was recorded as the smallest city to host the Expo. The global event brought various changes to the city, prompting its growth.

Downtown Spokane, always with tranquil vibes

At present, Spokane is loved by tourists for its activities and sightseeing opportunities. Situated on the Spokane River, the city is a 4-hour drive from Seattle along the I-90 freeway, and is not too far from the Canadian border. It is known for its beautiful nature, historic landmarks, cultural activities involving various museums, and vineyard tours for wine aficionados. In short, the charm of Spokane lies in the fact that it offers both urban entertainment and natural experiences.

SkyRide gondola cutting across the Spokane River and Upper Spokane Falls

Moments to Capture in Spokane
Spokane has a downtown area great for a walking tour. After arrival, you should check out Riverfront Park, one of the most popular landmarks in the city. Estimated to cover 40,000㎡ in area, over 3 million tourists visit the park standing by the Spokane River. Originally the mecca of passenger and cargo transportation, the park went through overhaul as part of the urban renewal project for the hosting of the World’s Fair. After the fair, the site was turned into an urban park. You can view the epic scene created by Upper Spokane Falls from the park. The Great Northern Clock Tower is an iconic structure that also draws your attention to the park. A music festival takes place in the park every summer. You can also find activities and relaxation options at the River Park Square shopping mall.

To enjoy the Spokane River to the fullest, go trekking or whitewater rafting.

One of the must-sees in the city is Spokane Falls formed by the Spokane River. The refreshing, thundering sound of falling water can be heard from a distance and the splashing spectacle is quite majestic. Natives who lived in the area a long time ago considered the falls sacred and made it their annual gathering venue. Spokane Falls now serves as a hub of both local life and tourism. There is also a sightseeing cable car that presents the view of the waterfalls and various other viewpoints of the city. After visiting the park and the falls, the Northwestern Museum of Arts and Culture has historic records and artworks on display to give you a special time learning about local history and experiencing the cultural atmosphere of Spokane.
Thanks to its breathtaking natural surroundings, Spokane is a great place to go on hiking. It is a good idea to take a walking tour or rent a bike for a hiking tour along the Centennial Trail that passes various landmarks in the city. The 64km-long trail connecting Nine Mile Falls to the border between Washington and Idaho features pine groves, deep valleys, and cultural heritage sites. Each trail course has its own amazingly diverse experiences. The middle section of the trail lies in the heart of the city where you can find historic sites and Riverfront Park. You can easily stop by trendy restaurants or go shopping. Other trail courses include the one with access to the waterfall observatory and walking trail and the one that offers the best fishing, swimming, or picnicking opportunities. Make sure that you learn about each course before the visit, and recheck local signposts on the site.

People gathered for Riverfront Park Festival

Green Bluff Festival, run by the Green Bluff Growers Association

Tasting Premium Washington Wine in Spokane
Washington wine is an essential part of any Spokane travel itinerary. The state has a number of vineyards with distinct characteristics, all producing top-quality wine. Washington is the second largest wine producing state in the U.S. after California. The history of grape farming for wine-making dates back to 1825. Spokane has the fastest-growing wine industry in the U.S. with new wineries continuing to open business. Its local white and red wine made in various types, such as Chardonnay, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot, all receive high scores in evaluations by wine magazines and critics. Affordable prices, in comparison to the products of California, are also a great plus to the value of Spokane wine.

People attending Arbor Crest Wine Cellars event

About a two to three hour drive from Spokane will get you to Walla Walla Valley, the best-known wine country in Washington. Likewise, Lewis-Clark Valley is also at a two-hour distance from Spokane. You can also easily taste various local wines downtown. There are more than 10 wineries in the city including Barrister Winery and Cougar Crest Estate Winery. All are within walking distances, and you can sample the drink before making a purchase on the site. You may discover the charm of American wine if you like the interesting and colorful expressions Washingtonian wine presents. Try to make the best out of your wine experience in Spokane as you get close to the end of the day.

Where to Stay in Seattle: LOTTE HOTEL SEATTLE
Opened in September 2020, LOTTE HOTEL SEATTLE is located in the 44-story building on 5th Avenue in Seattle’s Midtown. The building’s glassy façade mirrors sunlight and the surrounding area. Creative designs with a modern flair in 189 rooms and suites were inspired by the beautiful natural landscape of Seattle. The hotel stands close to some of the major tourist destinations of the city, such as Space Needle, Pioneer Square and Pike Place Market. LOTTE HOTEL SEATTLE is an emerging landmark of the city, perfect for both business travelers and tourists.

Address 809 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104
Phone +1-206-800-8110
September 2022 Editor:Jung Jaewook
Writer:Ahn Miyoung

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