[INSIDER GUIDE] Island Traveler Walks Jeju’s Seogwipo
Seogwipo in the island of Jeju can be characterized by Mount Sanbangsan, the blue ocean, tangerines, and diverse cafes. Traveler creator Island Traveler gives us valuable tips including places she frequents and spots rising in popularity.
“Being a former tourism-major and researcher, I wanted to create YouTube content with what I was good at. Jeju is my hometown and I wanted to help other people learn the untold stories of Jeju, in a friendly and more accessible way.”

Travel creator Island Traveler

On Jeju Island, green tea fields are mostly found in Andeok-myeon, south of Mt. Halla, or in Namwon-eup in Seogwipo.

A new favored place you’ve recently discovered?
With the increased recognition of the quality of Jeju green tea, I go to tea houses that sell Jeju specialty green tea and often try diverse forms of tea houses that interest me.

Where do you frequently visit in Seogwipo?
I prefer slowly walking around stone-wall alleys to seaside trails. You get to pass by so many orchards, giving you an authentic Jeju vibe.

What kind of experience do you recommend in Jeju for the month of February?
February in Jeju is after the seasons of camellia flowers and tangerines, so it is better to concentrate on the signs of early spring, instead of looking for winter attractions. Jeju’s rape blossoms can be seen as early as February.

Island Traveler Picks New Seogwipo Spots

Joyful Views of Seogwipo Sea, UDA
Cafe UDA has an ocean view that will bring you unfamiliar charms of the Seogwipo sea. It gives you a one-of-a-kind viewing, enough to make you think that it is an entirely new way of enjoying the ocean from Seogwipo. Not just that, the island of Beomseom is also quite close. You can spend time watching the waters idly. On the opposite side of the cafe lies Mount Hallasan, and you can also enjoy its view at a glance. The cafe has a unique layout resembling an art museum. There is a space designated for art exhibition in a corner of the cafe. Brunch menus, such as bakery and pasta, are available along with beverages, so it is recommended you time your visit on a weekday for a less-crowded, laid-back tea time.

Address  13-7 Sokgol-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju
Instagram @uda_jeju
Transformation of Old Vacation Home, Cafe Lua & Tigre
Cafe Lua & Tigre is located on a hilltop near the shore close to Beomseom Island. It sits almost at the same altitude as Beomseom, offering visitors a unique opportunity to see the island on the same eye level. The cafe used to be an old pension, and there still remain classic-style wooden stairs across the property, giving it a quaint appearance. The originality of the interior, when added to the extraordinary view of Beomseom and the list of coffees freshly brewed using the beans of Youdong Coffee, one of Jeju’s best coffee roasteries, as well as a swing set overlooking the ocean from the cafe’s outdoor space, make for a perfect combination of cafe experience for visitors.

Address 39 Taepyeong-ro 92beon-gil, Seogwipo-si, Jeju
Instagram @lua_tigre
Best Eatery That Sells Liquor, Masioreum
Masioreum is a Korean restaurant and bar whose name roughly translates into ‘a place where mat(taste) rises’ in Korean. It is the trendiest spot in Seogwipo and also the most embracing of authentic Jeju style. It is characterized by the construction of a 1980s’ western-style home often associated with the old downtown of Seogwipo. Whenever I visit Masioreum, it feels more like going to someone’s party or relatives’ houses. That may be the reason why islanders and tourists generally agree on the fact that the restaurant is an ‘unconventional space.’ Looking at its menu, you will notice the items that are reflective of both Jeju’s local characteristics and hip vibes, such as dosaegiyukjeon(pork meat pancake) and oreum buckwheat noodles cooked with local produce. Whenever you want to add a little oomph to the food over drink, or when the food matters more, or when you are looking for a trendy spot to enjoy Jeju gosorisul and a great pair, Masioreum is the place to go.

Address 6 Jungang-ro 117beon-gil, Seogwipo-si, Jeju
Instagram @masioreum_jeju
Homemade Ice Cream at Editorial Shop, Rupaper
There are a wide range of accessory stores and editorial shops in Jeju. Finding a shop that meets your preference and has genuine characteristics, however, is not as easy as it seems. Rupaper is located in Daejeong-eub, the most remote, quiet town in the western tip of Seogwipo, Jeju. A simple, white-tone store interior where various clothing, accessories, photos and postcards with a summer getaway vibe are on display for sale and the audio plays fast-tempo lounge music. It is easy to forget that you are visiting a place farthest from all the activities of Jeju. No need to feel embarrassed about eyeshopping. At Rupaper, you can also find homemade ice cream or tea in pretty tea bottles. It is a good spot to stop by if you are planning a trip around Daejeong-eup.

Address 217 Seosamjung-ro, Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju
Instagram @rupaper.showroom

About Insider: How to Live as a Travel Creator by Island Traveler
Island Traveler is a popular travel creator known for providing thorough and diverse information based on the deep understanding of Jeju as a local-born individual, in the world of YouTube that overflows with vlogs and unreliable travel stories. The simple, yet accurate delivery of information through the clean video editing style has given the creator the status of ‘Jeju-version Lonely Planet’ produced as a video format. Currently residing in the mainland, the couple running Island Traveler are expanding their field of content.

Island Traveler is famous for providing a wide variety of practical information.

Q. Tell us about how you started your YouTube channel.
A. We are both tourism majors so we like making travel plans and searching for information. We did a tremendous amount of research while we were planning our honeymoon in Maldives. After the search, we felt it would be a waste to not use the data we had collected, and that’s how we began our YouTube channel.

Q. You are not only promoting traveling to Jeju but making content aimed at spreading its culture.
A. I think it comes with my profession. Being a former tourism-major and researcher, I wanted to create YouTube content with what I was good at. Jeju is my hometown and I wanted to help other people learn the untold stories of Jeju, in a friendly and more accessible way.

Q. What do you do these days?
A. My husband and I are working as travel creators while we reside in the mainland. I believe our content grew fuller as I could offer a unique perspective on Jeju tourism. I was born in Jeju but am no longer living there, yet I manage to travel frequently to the island with my husband.

Q. What is the most popular content up to date?
A. ‘Eight Most Fatal Mistakes That Ruin Jeju Trip.’ That video recorded 2.65 million views(as of January 2023) which is the largest number we’ve gotten, and it is followed by ‘Top 20 Jeju Restaurants Visited and Recommended by Jeju Native Girl Herself’ and ‘Rounding Up 70 Must-Visit Spots by Region’.

Q. If you had to pick a destination to present to your audience other than Jeju, what city would it be?
A. I would like to gradually approach small agricultural/fishing villages that are outside the Seoul metropolitan area, to create travel content with a fresh perspective.

Q. What do you think is the most important thing to consider in terms of content creation?
A. Our primary purpose is to provide information, not travel experiences or vlogs. We think that putting in a good ratio of objectivity, information editing principle, and the identity of our channel in our content is imperative.

Q. Any content you would like to share regarding Jeju, other than travel?
A. Along with practical and trendy information, we would like to combine valuable local stories in relation to Jeju’s civilization, geography, and environment in our creation.

Where to Stay in Jeju: LOTTE HOTEL JEJU
Located in Jungmun Tourist Complex, LOTTE HOTEL JEJU is a resort hotel with 500 rooms. Inspired by ‘The Palace of the Lost City’ in South Africa, the hotel blends in perfectly with the beautiful surroundings of Jeju, creating an exotic atmosphere. All-day dining restaurant THE CANVAS serves over 140 dishes prepared with the freshest local ingredients hand-picked by hotel chefs. The all-season, warm-water pool and Hello Kitty character room are among various features that make LOTTE HOTEL JEJU such a popular destination for families and couples.

Address 35, Jungmungwangwang-ro 72beon-gil, Seogwipo-si, Jeju Island
Phone +82-64-731-1000
February 2023 Editor:Jung Jaewook

Where to stay?

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