Into Winter Paradise
A European style premium mountain resort is the crown jewel of Niigata, a Japanese prefecture famous for its snow. After two years of renovation, Lotte Hotel has finally unveiled Lotte Arai Resort in Niigata. It has been reborn as a ski resort with only the finest facilities, making it a dream destination for winter travelers.
'The train came out of the long border tunnel, and there was the snow country.' Niigata, the setting for by Yasunari Kawabata located in northeastern part of Japan, is a popular skiing destination for its high peaks and abundance of snow. Lotte Arai Resort in this prefecture is a premium mountain resort that opened in December 2017, following two years of major renovation. It's Lotte's fourth resort after Jeju, Buyeo and Sokcho, and the first Korean resort to open in Japan.

Entrance to Lotte Arai Resort

Lotte Arai Resort is a premium mountain resort with four hotel buildings of 257 rooms in total, four lifts, one gondola, 11 skiing slopes, a hot spring, a swimming pool and a banquet hall. It covers 3.3 million ㎡ and is situated a two-hour Shinkansen train ride from Tokyo, and a two-hour drive from Niigata Airport. The resort also operates a shuttle to and from Shinkansen Joetsu Myoko station, some 8km away.

Picturesque Lotte Arai Resort in Snow

Mt. Okenashi, where the resort stands, is famous for its smooth, powder snow. The slopes cover 1.57 million ㎡, with the maximum length of 5.2 km and the elevation difference of 951m. There are 11 slopes for both beginners, intermediates and advanced. The course for the experts starts at 1,280m above sea level. There is the sledding slope for kids, too. A former Australian national skier gives lessons at the skiing school, with programs for beginners and experts alike. The skiing season goes from December to May, making it a popular spot for avid skiers

You can find a cafe, a restaurant, a bakery and a bar

Niigata is popular for snow, rice and sake, all defined by the color white. Gourmet tours to the prefecture are also famous. They harvest quality rice from fertile ground, and use it to brew liquors and make rice. Lotte Arai Resort has a Japanese restaurant serving the finest staples Niigata has to offer, and another casual dining place serving ramen with snow-aged pork and curry. You can also grab hand-dripped coffee made of beans stored in snow or visit an Italian restaurant, a bakery and a bar.

In addition to skiing, you can relax in the swimming pool inside or in the hot spring outside

In addition to skiing, there are other activities you can enjoy at Lotte Arai Resort. The hot spring at Lotte Arai Resort is full of metasilicic acid, which is great for moisturizing your skin. The beautiful backdrop and the night sky viewed from the hot spring are simply spectacular. You can sign up for Asia's longest zip tour, which starts at 1,000m above sea level and brings the breathtaking landscape into full view. Tree Adventure is for grown-ups and children alike. Tubing offers the longest course in Japan at 192m. You can also enjoy bouldering (rock climbing) or plan something fun at Kids Room or the banquet hall. The Gondola Tour is perfect if you're planning a relaxing vacation. The station, at 1,000m above sea level, has the observatory deck, restaurant and VIP lounge. During the golfing season, Lotte runs a golf package in conjunction with a nearby golf course.

You can experience wellness travel at its finest at Lotte Arai Resort

Lotte Arai Resort has it all: whether you want to ski down the hill of natural, powder snow, sit back and enjoy the hot spring in the bucolic setting, or try different cuisines and wash them down with local liquors. It's a dream winter getaway, the ultimate stop for your wellness trip.
Information: Lotte Arai Resort

January 2019 Editor:Mun Sujin
Cooperation: Lotte Arai Resort

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